Transportation Division Classes

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2021 classes will be posted as we receive them, and the listing should be complete by November, 2020.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
1:45 pm 
Cargo Securement (Basic)  Rob Siemens, Senior Trainer, Royal Arc.
Attendees will learn:
   -review of vehicle inspection and securement requirements 
   -cargo loading logic and safety 
   -minimum performance criteria and cargo securement loads 
   -securement device inspections
   -understanding working load limits 
   -determining what securement devices are appropriate, including
the securement device safety practices, and

   -tarping safety

  • Chair:  Jonathan Lee, CSP, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
  • Vice Chair: Christopher DeRuiter, CSP, CAWC, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
  • Secretary:  Chuck Simmons, Penske Truck Leasing
  • Division:  Charlie Ball, Magna
  • Steve Barker, Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc.
  • Alex Dawson, Michigan State University
  • Andrew Horner, ASP, Gypsum Management & Supply, Inc.
  • Marrissa Lumia
  • Leon Saladin, Martin Transportation Systems
Future Meeting Dates

April 13-14, 2021, Virtual Conference
April 12-13, 2022, Lansing, MI
April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
April 16-17, 2024, Grand Rapids, MI


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