Risk and Insurance Division Classes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

10:15 am

MIOSHA High Profile Program Requirements (Intermediate)  Chad Ignatowski, EHS Director, Padnos.

This session will be a review of MIOSHA’s program requirements for their most high profile and commonly cited standards.  This review will include discussions on rules and administrative requirements that are often audited and cited.

11:30 am

Safely Negotiating the Urban Traffic Environment (Intermediate)  Steve Luther, Safety Officer, The Rapid.

This session is intended to be a brief discussion about the methods used by public transit agencies to safely interact with the public in an urban environment.  Videos are included to illustrate the hazards involved in city traffic where buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians share space and risks.

1:45 pm

Ask Carl – Advancing a Culture of Engagement (Intermediate)  Kurt DeKock, Director of Operations, Kerkstra Precast, and Nathan Steffen, President, HNI Risk Advisors.

Rapid growth and production demands had strained the safety culture at Kerkstra Precast.  With safety metrics trending in the wrong direction, leadership took a step back to better understand where things were going wrong.  Hear how they took dramatic action to better engage their workforce and get their company back on the right track.

3:15 pm

Temporary Workers:  Best Practices for Mutual Safety Success (Intermediate)  Greg Clone, Risk Management Executive, and Melanie Nykamp;, Sr. Risk Management Consultant, Eastern Alliance Insurance.

The process of placing temporary employees in to an unfamiliar working environment certainly has the potential for producing negative outcomes.  Organizations that are diligent in their vetting processes, risk assessments, and communication regarding safety details can make the process a win-win-win for staffing agency, host employer, and the temporary worker.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am

Not Just Another Fire:  Do you know why your facility presents special firefighting challenges?  (Basic-Advanced)  Ben Peetz, CSP, CFPS, AFIS, Agribusiness Risk Control Consultant, FCCI Insurance Group.

Your fire department may be great at responding to a house fire, but will they be ready when called to your facility?  This workshop will review situations in industrial, agricultural, manufacturing, and other property types to look at the factors that make each of them different from that of a single-family dwelling.  NFPA statistics indicate that over 100 fires occur each day in these specialty occupancies, yet most fire departments spend very little time training for these scenarios.  This session will help you help them respond more efficiently and effectively in your time of need.

10:15 am

Behavioral Safety Leadership:  A proven process to quickly improve safety results (Intermediate-Advanced)  Dr. John Austin, Managing Consultant, Reaching Results.

Based on his knowledge of the science of behavior, and his 25 years experience in teaching leaders like you, Dr. Austin will engage you in mapping out a plan to solve one of your biggest safety challenges.  The plan will consist of a proven 5-step process of behavior change, which Dr. Austin has taught to thousands of leaders in 12 countries around the world.  If you bring your biggest safety challenge, you will leave with a draft plan of actions required to solve that problem and make measurable improvements.

11:30 am

MIOSHA’s MVPP/C – What is is?  What are the benefits? (Intermediate)  Doug Kimmel, MIOSHA MVPP/C Specialist/Senior Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

Have you heard about MIOSHA’s MVPP/C award program?  Do you have a good understanding of it?  Do you want to learn more about it and how the implementation of a truly effective safety and health management system can benefit your company and its employees?  Attend this session and find out about the MVPP/C, safety culture, best practices and how they can benefit your operation.

1:45 pm

Implementing a Positive Safety Culture Every Day (Basic)  Chris Brennan, Safety Manager, Premiere Property Services.

Implementing a positive safety culture within the workplace on a consistent basis is a challenge for any company.  When management and employees, together, are involved in building a safety program from the ground up that focuses on the health and well-being of employees, there tends to be strong employee participation.  This session will give you real work examples of how you can implement a positive and consistent safety culture within your company that is developed and implemented by employees.  As a result, you should see stronger morale within your company and employees will work in a healthier and safer work environment.

  • Chair:  David Hintz, CSP, Accident Fund Insurance Company
  • Division:  Kellie Anderson, CPCU, ARM, AIM, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Kevin Boonie, CRM, Collins & Associates
  • Gary Boyer, CSP, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Rick DeLeau, MSB, MM, CAWC, bhs Insurance
  • David Dernbach, Middle Cities Risk Management Services
  • Wayne Flees, Huron Clinton Metroparks
  • Linda Hudson, CSP, FCCI Insurance Group
  • Jeffrey Janke, ARM, RRE, CNA Risk Control
  • Eric Krieger, CSP, MBA, HNI Risk Services
  • Pat Peters, CSP, ARM, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Karen Satterfield, CSP, Citizens Insurance Company
  • Steve Vander Hill, The Cinncinnati Insurance Company
  • Eric Waldelich, CompOne Administrators
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