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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

10:15 am
Using Data for Better EH&S Decision Making (Basic)  Jennifer Meier, Global EH&S Director, Varroc Lighting Systems.

Collecting, analyzing, and managing EH&S data is critical for success.  In addition to helping create sustainable practices, an integrated EH&S management system allows companies of all sizes to guide organizational decision making, improve employee morale, and cut costs.  When used in conjunction with employee-driven project work, the EH&S data can help companies move to more environmentally friendly practices faster than ever before.  The speaker will discuss how her company is using its EH&S data across its’ global corporate functions.

11:30 am
Behavioral Incident Analysis (BIA) (Basic-Advanced)  Kevin Kirk, President, Level 5 Safety.

The best companies today know how to learn from incidents instead of simply blaming, retraining, and moving on.  Which do you want to do?  If you would like to learn to make real improvements when incidents and non-conformances arise, please join us for this session.  A 25-year veteran in the safety field and a CSP, Kevin Kirk will share with you a new way to conduct incident analysis.  Kevin will teach from the BIA toolkit, which uses behavioral science to review incidents in an objective and scientific way.  The toolkit allows us to provide better solutions to improve workplace systems, processes, and leadership so we can protect workers in the future.  Bring your most difficult or reoccurring incidents, and we will show you how to look at them in a new way.

1:45 pm
Behavioral Approach to Machine Guarding (Intermediate) Herman Jagusch, Safety Specialist, Level 5 Safety.

OSHA issued over 1,900 violations for improper machine guarding in both 2016 and 2017, making it to #8 on OSHA’s top 10 list for violations.  Although the costs of machine guarding can be considerable, the costs of not guarding your equipment properly can be astronomical.  If employee behavior and work culture are not considered when addressing machine guarding, you may be unknowingly leaving your workforce exposed to risk.  In this presentation, 28-year safety veteran, Herman Jagusch will teach you how to apply behavioral science to your machine guarding and risk assessment process for better results.  He will also help you to pinpoint key design elements that influence how workers interact with equipment and the environment.

3:15 pm
Transformational Change: A Proven Process for Sustainable Safety Success (Basic-Advanced)  Michael Fackler, MBA, CSP, ARM, Caliber Safety, LLC.

In today’s economy, organizations must be more adaptable and agile in the face of rapid-change, uncertainty, and volatility.  By understanding what can derail a change initiative, and arming themselves with a proven methodology for managing change, safety professionals can become skilled change agents ready to deliver exponentially more value to the organization, and save lives in the process.  This presentation will provide a proven methodology for managing change that provide participants with the knowledge necessary to immediately manage change more effectively.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

9:00 am
Implementing A Positive Safety Culture in Your Workplace (Basic)  Chris Brennan, Premiere Property Services.

A positive culture is the foundation of any successful safety program.  You will see and hear real work examples and employee testimonies of how a positive safety culture is implemented in the workplace.  During this session, you will be able to develop a positive safety culture action plan that can be used in your workplace to help you implement within your existing safety plan.

10:15 am
The Aging Workforce – challenges and opportunities for industry (Intermediate)  James McGlothlin, MPH, Ph.D., CPE, FAIHA, McGlothlin Ergonomics, LLC.

Some call it the “Silver Tsunami,” as the median age of the U.S. workforce is at unprecedented levels since the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935. By 2020, one in four workers in the U.S. will be 55 years and over. This presentation will focus on occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities related to human factors and ergonomics challenges facing the aging worker, including dulling of the senses such as poorer eyesight, hearing loss and decreases in physical strength and stamina. On the other hand, this presentation will discuss how industry benefits from experienced and seasoned workers from the workers’ strong work ethic, on time work attendance, reliability, and pride in craftsmanship. Industry is well aware of this “two-edged sword” and the more progressive companies who can accommodate the challenges of the aging worker benefit from their performance. Those attending this presentation will be more informed about the challenges and opportunities facing the aging worker in America.

11:30 am (co-sponsored by the MIOSHA CET Division)
Safety Pays – Using Safety to your Financial Advantage (Intermediate)  Bryan Renaud, Senior Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA; Sean Mackin, Regional Director, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America; and David Hintz, Loss Control Manager, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America.

This session will show how developing and maintaining a culture of employee safety can save employers money, through reductions in workers compensation costs, and improved productivity & morale.

1:45 pm
The Thinking Behind Safety; Purpose or Vision? (Intermediate)  Paul Bragenzer, Acrisure.

Companies that create excellent safety results always move from an emphasis on compliance to one of safety culture.  Understanding how people typically “think” about safety and how to impact that thinking through indentification of safety purpose helps leaders effectively change a culture.

  • Chair:  David Hintz, CSP, Accident Fund Insurance Company
  • Division:  Kellie Anderson, CPCU, ARM, AIM, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Kevin Boonie, CRM, Collins & Associates
  • Gary Boyer, CSP, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Rick DeLeau, MSB, MM, CAWC, bhs Insurance
  • David Dernbach, Middle Cities Risk Management Services
  • Linda Hudson, CSP, FCCI Insurance Group
  • Eric Krieger, CSP, MBA, HNI Risk Services
  • Pat Peters, CSP, ARM, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • Karen Satterfield, CSP, Citizens Insurance Company
  • Steve Vander Hill, The Cinncinnati Insurance Company
  • Eric Waldelich, CompOne Administrators
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