Past Presidents

The photo (to the left) features Michigan Safety Conference Past Presidents (note the historical green jacket). Senior board members are given a “green jacket” pin when they have served 10 years on the board of directors, in recognition of the historical significance of the green jacket that former leaders used to wear to make them visible to conference attendees during the event.

2019 Pierre Gonyon, St. Joseph Mercy Health System
2018 David Woods, Fibertec IHS
2017 Chris Wilfong, CHSP, CompOne Administrators
2016 David Dickhaut, CIH, GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly
2015 Kenneth Smith, Healthcare Safety Services
2014 Margaret Sipple, Beaumont Health System
2013 Michael Eckert, CSP, CSHM, Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America
2012 Stephen Smith, Retired, Chubb Insurance
2011 Dennis Kerr, Retired, DTE Energy
2010 David Lerner, Ford Motor Company
2009 Joe Galusha, Aon
2008 Debbie DeNapoli, WM. Beuamont Hospital
2007 AJ Hale, Tenneco Automotive
2006 Darryl Hill, ABB Inc.
2005 Susan Carter, Lansing Area Safety Council
2004 Jeffrey Woods, City of Detroit
2003 Robert Cariano, Lansing Board of Water & Light
2002 Edward Fredericks, Dept. of Natural Resources
2001 Therese Waters, PT, Workstar Industrial Consulting
2000 S.William Haynes, Lehigh Safety Shoe Co.
1999 Jeffrey Evans, RSKCO
1998 Lynn O’Donnell, American Board of Industrial Hygiene
1997 Garry Felty, UAW-GM
1996 Ed Ratzenberger, Safety Council for SE Michigan
1995 Wayne Duncan, Detroit Edison
1994 Frank Cleary, GM
1993 Jon Sweeney, Fireman’s Fund Insurance
1992 Harry Mckinley, Inland Fisher Guide, GMC
1991 Dr. Marie Emery, Michigan State University
1990 Michael Lewis, Steelcase
1989 Jim Lodge, Chrysler Corp.
1988 Greg Lang, General M otors (died in Office)
1988 Bob Eichler, Corroon & Black of Western MI
1987 Allan Harvie, Mi. Dept of Labor
1986 Dale Gray, Ford Motor Co.
1985 John Gleichman, Barton Malow Co.
1984 Douglas Lamke, Oldsmobile Div., GMC
1983 Roger Seymour, Kellogg Community College
1982 James Crawford, Chrysler Corp.
1981 Fay Knapp, Safety Council for SE Michigan
Future Meeting Dates

April 13-14, 2021, Lansing, MI
April 12-13, 2022, Lansing, MI
April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
April 16-17, 2024, Grand Rapids, MI


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