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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

10:15 am (Handout)

MIOSHA Update and MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) Graduate Recognition (Basic)  Bart Pickelman, CIH, Director, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

This session will present the STATE OF MIOSHA including 2018 accomplishments and successes, significant cases, strategic goals, emphasis programs, and special initiatives.  Plans for 2019 will also be disclosed.

11:30 am (Handout)

7 Core Elements of the Safety and Health Program Recommended Practices (Intermediate)  Brenda Cani, Senior Occupational Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

Whether you are a small start-up, an established business, or just ready to start managing safety in a responsible way, there are some simple steps you can take to kick off your safety and health program.

These recommended practices provide responsible employers, workers, and worker representatives with a sound, flexible framework for addressing safety and health issues in diverse workplaces.  They may be used in any workplace, but will be particularly helpful in small and medium-sized workplaces.  They can be applied equally well in traditional, fixed manufacturing workplaces and in the service sector, healthcare, retail, and even mobile or office-based work environments.

1:45 pm (Handout)

Top 10 – Health, General Industry and Construction (Intermediate)  Kristin Osterkamp, Senior Industrial Hygienist, MIOSHA CET Division; Jennifer Clark-Denson, Senior Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division; and Jeremy Hidalgo, MIOSHA Construction Safety Consultant.

This program has been an annual favorite at the conference with both safety and health violations being discussed.  Three experienced CET consultants (health, general industry and construction) will illustrate what enforcement and consultation employees are finding in the workplace that often lead to workplace injuries and illnesses.  They will help unravel the mystery and explain the hazards behind the most cited 10 safety, 10 health, and 10 construction rules by MIOSHA in the past year.  They will also offer tips and solutions to help employers and employees recognize and correct these hazards.

3:15 pm (Handout)

Behavioral Safety:  5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Safety (Intermediate)  Jim Getting, PhD, CSP, Senior Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

You have likely heard the basics of Behavioral Safety.  Sounds easy, just change the consequences and you will change performance.  But applying this to the real world is much more complicated.  Many people get stuck at square one.  Where do I start?  Good news!  There are practical, clear-cut things that you can do today that will have a positive impact on safety.  These steps are scientifically valid; backed by research that has shown the effectiveness.  Change begins with the first step.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am (Handout)

Ground Person/Spotter – Train the Trainer (Intermediate) Chris Johnson, Senior Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division, and Tarah Kile, Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA.

Recently, the use of large equipment in Michigan’s industries has exploded.  As a result, many companies are experiencing accidents, injuries, death, and other unplanned events while working with and around large equipment operations.  The workshop originated from the need to provide quality training for ground persons, spotters, and those who work around this type of equipment.  Participants will spend time learning about a course developed by safety professionals from Michigan’s construction industry and why it is important to share this information with all industries and workers.  Attendees will get an opportunity to test drive the new training curriculum, which includes written assessments, tailgate meeting materials, as well as a small-scale, hands-on mock-ups of these operations.  The goal in sharing is to provide materials and training techniques to safety leaders, to keep Michigan workers safer and more productive going forward.

10:15 am (Handout)

Water, Water Everywhere?  MIOSHA Revised Instruction for Emergency Eyewash and Showers (Intermediate)  Jenelle Thelen, Senior Industrial Hygienist, MIOSHA CET Division.

Effective October 2018, the revised MIOSHA compliance instructions related to the provision of emergency eyewash and showers will be used to enforce the provision of “suitable facilities” referenced in the MIOSHA Medical Services and First Aid standard.  This instruction includes requirements from the American National Standards Institute ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standard for Plumbed and Portable Eyewash Stations.  Chemical hazard classifications from the MIOSHA Hazard Communication Standard as well as work practices and employer assessments are used to determine when an employer must provide emergency eyewash and shower facilities.

11:30 am (Handout)

Best Practices in Industrial Hygiene (Intermediate) Tony Smykla, Industrial Hygienist, MIOSHA CET Division.

This presentation will illustrate industrial hygiene “best practices” used to protect the well-being of workers and other members of our community through application of the basic industrial hygiene principles of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control.

1:45 pm (co-sponsored by the Industrial Hygiene Division)(Handout for Part One and Two)

Ethical Decision Making (Basic) Catherine Macomber, PhD, LMSW.

Professionals are faced with difficult decisions on a routine basis.  These can be difficult and can result in negative outcomes and consequences if not addressed in a standardized way.  This presentation on professional ethics will use case study as well as large and small group discussion to understand and apply an ethical decision-making model.  This class qualifies for points to maintain the CIH professional certification.

3:15 pm (co-sponsored by the Industrial Hygiene Division)

Ethical Decision Making, part II (Basic) Catherine Macomber, PhD, LMSW.

This is a continuation of the 1:45 pm program listed above.


  • Chairperson:  Gloria Keene, MIOSHA CET Division
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