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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

10:15 am

Industrial Hygiene Fundamentals (Basic) Lori Seiler, CIH, Associate Director R & D EHS, Dow Chemical.

EHS professionals are dedicated to preventing injury and illness in the workplace.  They work in a variety of industries and are employed by a wide range of organizations.  Key to all IH-related work is applying the art and science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling workplace hazards.  This talk will explore these fundamental principles to help participants better understand the IH discipline.

11:30 am  (Handout)

Silica Update:  General Industry and Construction Standards (Basic) Harvey Johnson, CIH, MIOSHA CET Division.

New MIOSHA Silica standards for General Industry (GI) and Construction have recently become law.  Is it possible to reduce exposures below the new exposure limits?  Yes!  Success stores and best practices in controlling silica dust in both GI and Construction work places will be presented.

1:45 pm (Handouts)

Exposure Assessments:  A How To Guide (Intermediate)  Dave Huizen, CIH, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University.

This session will explore the basics of exposure assessment and a walk through of the AIHA Essentials of exposure assessment.  It will discuss new tools to quickly and better assess worker exposure in occupational settings.

3:15 pm (Handout)

Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling 101 (Basic) Dan Maser, CIH, CSP, ROH, President, Enviroair Consultants, Inc.

This presentation will review the basic fundamentals of industrial hygiene air sampling, reasons for sampling, equipment used, limitations of equipment and methods, reporting of results, equipment calibrations, and basic calculations associated with results.  It will discuss common mistakes made that will turn sampling results into garbage during a legal case and some ways of interrupting sample data when OSHA and ACGIH have very different exposure guidelines.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am (Handout)

Communicating the Value of Ergonomics to Business Stakeholders (Intermediate)  Blake McGowan, CPE, Humantech.

During this presentation, participants will learn how to communicate the value of ergonomics to business stakeholders.  There are two primary positive outcomes of ergonomics:  improved employee well-being and improved business performance.  Improved business performance includes enhanced product quality, increased manufacturing performance, improved employee engagement, and better stock performance.

10:15 am

Current Issues in Occupational Noise Exposure (Intermediate) Rick Neitzel, Associate Professor, University of Michigan.

Occupational noise has been, and continues to be, one of the most common workplace exposures in the US and globally.  This presentation will review patterns and trends in noise exposure levels int he US, and will discuss risks of noise-induced hearing loss as well as various other health effects that are increasingly being linked to noise exposure.

11:30 am (Handout)

The Opioid Crisis:  An Industrial Hygiene Perspective (Intermediate) Robert Kirkby, CIH, Industrial Hygienist, Michigan State Police Forensic Science.

Synthetic opioids including fentanyl and carfentanil, constitute an emerging occupational hazard to first-responders, the emergency medical profession, and the forensic community.  This presentation will provide a background on synthetic opioids, a description of the exposure hazards, examples of industrial hygiene interventions, and an overview of accepted best practices for exposure prevention.

1:45 pm (co-sponsored by the MIOSHA CET Division)

Ethical Decision Making (Basic) Catherine Macomber, PhD, LMSW.

Professionals are faced with difficult decisions on a routine basis.  These can be difficult and can result in negative outcomes and consequences if not addressed in a standardized way.  This presentation on professional ethics will use case study as well as large and small group discussion to understand and apply an ethical decision-making model.  This class qualifies for points to maintain the CIH professional certification.

3:15 pm (co-sponsored by the MIOSHA CET Division)

Ethical Decision Making, part II (Basic) Catherine Macomber, PhD, LMSW.

This is a continuation of the 1:45 pm program listed above.

  • Chair:  Cindy Ostrowski, CIH, CAO Consulting, LLC
  • Division:  Robert Allen, CIH, Pfizer, Inc.
  • Mary Clark, Michigan State University
  • David Dickhaut, CIH, GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly
  • Dave Huizen, CIH, Grand Valley State University
  • Harvey Johnson, CIH, MIOSHA CET
  • Thomas Kakos, CIH
  • Timothy Kearney, CSP, 3M
  • Sarunas Mingela, Vytis Environmental
  • Lynn O’Donnell, CIH
  • Oscar Rodriguez-Franco, CIH, Lansing Board of Water and Light
  • Jennifer Walton, PhD, CIH, Central Michigan University
  • David Woods, Fibertec IHS
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