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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

10:15 am
Built in NOT Bolted On:  A Comprehensive Approach to Contractor Oversight (Intermediate)  Randall Butler, Contractor Oversight, Consumers Energy.

A world class safety program provides a system which defines a holistic approach of integrating systems that consider its organizations impact on humans, insofar as to the extent of its operations.  Within this construct, the most complex constraint to manage is the business approach to contractors.

To assist in coordinating activities between various departments and stakeholders to ensure its due diligence, this presentation will communicate five steps that ensure safety is upheld throughout the contract lifecycle management process.  By integrating the tools provided in this session, an organization can work to continually improve their contractor safety performance.

The protocol provided will work to reduce the likelihood of injury, improve safety compliance, and mitigate business risk that is inherently borne from hiring contractors to support the customer’s needs.  It considers sustainability, scalability, and replicability by breaking down unique roles and defining specific tasks that can be measured and continually improved upon.

11:30 am
Rig it Right (Basic)  Kent Richards, Lifting Specialist, Mazzella Companies.

The speaker will present the basics of risk management, the rigging triangle, center of gravity, and choosing the correct sling for each lift.  The effect of angles and correct attachment to the load will also be discussed.  This session will briefly cover inspection of slings.  It will also include a hands on of proper rigging.

1:45 pm
Tips to Train Workers (Intermediate)  Cody Buell, EHS & Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy.

Those lazy kids, they just don’t want to work!!!  Are you having problems reaching those avocado toast eating millennials?  Join us in discussing tips and tricks to instill a passion for safety in your workforce.  In this course, we will go over the required fundamentals to:  communicate clearly with any generation, invigorate your safety program, and how to convey training/information so that it is easily understood, impactful and memorable.

3:15 pm
Lockout/Energy Control Graphics and Their Use (Basic)  Joseph Trombly, General Manager, Advanced Safety Graphics.

This presentation is intended to educate safety professionals on the different ways of identifying hazardous energy lockout points with the use of graphics, using a less is more approach.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

9:00 am
Believe in Safety (Basic)  Brandon Schroeder, Believe in Safety.

Brandon Schroeder was an active tradesman for 15 years before one day changed his perspective on safety forever.  August 24, 2011, should have been listed as Brandon’s date of death, but it was instead his catalyst for change.  Brandon was involved in an arc flash accident that shook a building over a block away from the accident site.  He was lucky enough to survive, not without a fight, and chose to tell his story to thousands worldwide to affect change in how employees view safety.

Listen to Brandon as he recounts the events of the tragic day that nearly took his life, outlays the contributing factors, and informs your employees regarding retrospective avoidance techniques.  Brandon brings safety into real world application so your employees walk away with techniques on how to make safety a priority in their daily lives.

Brandon discusses the “small decisions” which can be a change agent for the safety culture on the job site.  He walks through how his decision during that one moment, of that one day, affected not only him, but every person on the job.  He leaves the audience with a stronger understanding and respect for doing every job correctly and safely.

10:15 am
Temporary Worker Safety-The Division of Responsibility (Basic)  Rebecca Zaror, CSP, Senior Manager Safety, Health and Environmental, Kelly Services, Inc.

This session will include a discussion of requirements for the occupational safety and health provisions for temporary staff as opposed to outside contractors.  This course will cover recordkeeping, training, PPE, medical surveillance, and other program-related topics.

11:30 am
So You’re the Safety Pro…Are You as Effective as You Could Be? (Basic-Advanced)  Mark Hoffman, Health and Safety Director, Rudolph Libbe, Inc.

This interactive session will help improve the effectiveness of individuals who are new to the safety role, as well as experienced safety professionals.  The presentation will include tips and techniques from experienced safety pros, to include: what makes them effective, what they wished they knew early in their careers, and their advice for new safety professionals.

1:45 pm
Beyond Zero Injuries (Intermediate)  Bill Sims, Jr., President, Greenbean Leadership, LLC.

Millions of dollars are spent in search of zero injuries, the “holy grail” of safety.  Many of these efforts have proved beneficial, and yet many others must be questioned.  Is zero the right goal, or is there a better one that will drive continuous safety improvement?

3:15 pm
Confined Spaces (Basic)  Joseph Rosen, Safety Director, Royal Arc.

Recognition is an important aspect of making a safe entry into a confined space.  All confined spaces located within a facility should be identified.  Once space has been indentified as confined, the hazards that may present within the confined space must be identified.  This session will instruct the nature of the hazards involved, the necessary precautions to be taken, and the use of protective and emergency equipment required for confined entry.

  • Co-Chair:  Carl Granger, Woods Construction, Inc.
  • Co-Chair:  Tim McCurry, La-Z-Boy, Inc.
  • Division: Wendy Burkett, Ford Motor Company
  • Barbara Fleming, Torrance Learning
  • Crystal Gunn, FCA Group
  • AJ Hale, CompOne Administrators
  • Darryl Hill, FirstGroup America, Inc.
  • Sandra Kiers, Ford Motor Company
  • John Lawson, Ford Motor Company
  • Dave Lerner, Ford Motor Company
  • Kathy Malone, Lean EHS Consultant
  • Elena McCreary, Cornerstone Staffing Solutions
  • Jean Ndana, CSP, ASP
  • Kent Richards, Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • Don Schmid, CSP, Safetec Industrial & Construction Services
  • Greg Zigulis, Sixth Sense Safety Solutions
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