Industrial Division Classes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

10:15 am

Temporary Worker Safety – The Division of Responsibility (Basic) Rebecca Zaror, CSP, Senior Manager Safety, Health and Environmental, Kelly Services, Inc.

If you are or your organization uses a temporary staffing provider, this presentation will summarize OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative.  We will help you understand MIOSHA’s requirements around the division of responsibility from both the perspective of the host employer and the staffing provider.

11:30 am

Human Organization Performance (Intermediate)  Bob Edwards, The H.O.P. Coach.

Bob will continue the topic from the Keynote presentation with those in attendance, and answer questions from the audience.

1:45 pm

Design for Safety and Why it Matters (Intermediate)  Todd Grover, Global Senior Manager, Applied Safety Solutions.

The lack of effective lockout/tagout (LOTO) to properly control hazardous energy is a top safety concern for all manufacturing professionals, ranking among the top five most frequently.  Attendees will learn about new approaches that showcase the common ground and language between business management systems and safety management systems by linking safety and health considerations to the corporate goals road map. This includes an improved reporting structure that links to the outcomes being pursued by operations, human resources and legal departments. Also included will be examples of how safety management systems can be implemented successfully in small to medium sized employers

3:15 pm

What you Really Need for an OSHA-Compliant Fall Protection Anchorage (Intermediate)  Craig Galecka, P.E. , CSP, Principal, LJB, Inc.

Every year, facility owners spend millions of dollars and countless hours on designing, installing, inspecting and testing anchorages related to work at heights.  Many times, the time and money spent does nothing more than give the owner a false sense of security, not realizing that critical factors such as overall system use, building strength, and fall clearances have not been property addressed.

OSHA’s walking and working surface regulation, effective in January of 2017, put renewed focus on the importance of anchorages for fall protections, as well as for the support of window cleaning and facade maintenance equipment.

This session clarifies OSHA’s requirements for the design, installation, inspection, and testing of fall protection anchorages, and provides guidance on best practices that will ensure an anchorage performs as expected when called upon to save a life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am

At-A-Glance Labeling (Intermediate)  Jean Ndana, HSE Manager.

“At-A-Glance Labeling” is a simple, practical but very efficient system that uses color-coded shapes and symbols, and portable secondary containers, to reduce almost to zero the likelihood of chemical mismatches and cross contaminations.  It is a system that is cost effective, easy to comprehend and to implement.

10:15 am

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers at La-Z-Boy – A Case Study of Early Ergonomic Involvement in a New Product Launch (Intermediate)  Tim McCurry, Director of Health & Safety, and Dennis Poland, Safety Manager, La-Z-Boy.

La-Z-Boy is a major manufacturer of high quality furniture, with plants located throughout the United States.  The processes employed in producing these products place extreme ergonomic demands on the workers.  High rates of production, prolific use of hand tools, heavy end items, and work practices place demands on employees that result in high rates of employee turnover, absenteeism and work related MSDs.

For the first time at La-Z-Boy, ergonomic engineering principles and tools were implemented early int he timeline of a new product launch.  This presentation will describe the benefits of moving Ergonomic principles more upfront in a product launch timeline, challenges of overcoming cultural structures, and describe how bottlenecks on manufacturing plant floors can be removed through early identification and mitigation of Ergonomic risks.

11:30 am (Handout)

Drone Safety (Basic-Advanced)  John Hulwick, Drone Services, LLC.

This session will help address the question as to why you should consider incorporating drones to mitigate risk in the work place.

1:45 pm

Be the Change You Want to Create (Basic-Advanced)  Phil LaDuke, Executive Consultant and Safety Expert.

Phil LaDuke was the lead researcher in a survey that was conducted of over 120 companies of over a billion dollars in revenue, and spanning the globe, that found that the single greatest determinate in whether or not a company achieves an effective and sustainable safety culture was leadership.

3:15 pm (Handout)

AIAG Framework for Owner/Contractor Construction Safety Management (Intermediate)  David Lerner, Risk and Construction Safety Manager, Ford Land, and Mike Douglas, Senior Manager Health & Safety, Engineering, General Motors Corporation.

This presentation will introduce a new framework from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) for the successful implementation of construction safety management best practices for owners and contractors from project inception to completion.  This framework was developed through collaboration of a broad range of owner and contractor representatives.

  • Chair:  Tony Selk, CSP, Toolboxtony LLC
  • Division: Wendy Burkett, Ford Motor Company
  • Barbara Fleming, Torrance Learning
  • Crystal Gunn, FCA Group
  • AJ Hale, CompOne Administrators
  • Darryl Hill, FirstGroup America, Inc.
  • Sandra Kiers, Ford Motor Company
  • John Lawson, Ford Motor Company
  • Dave Lerner, Ford Motor Company
  • Patrick Lynch, Knoll, Inc.
  • Kathy Malone, Lean EHS Consultant
  • Elena McCreary, Cornerstone Staffing Solutions
  • Tim McCurry,
  • Jean Ndana, CSP, ASP
  • Kent Richards, Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • Michael Rumley, CSHM, CFI-1, Global Incident Investigation-Call to Action
  • Don Schmid, CSP


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