Agricultural Safety & Rescue Division Classes

This division will not host classes on Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am

Work-Related Agricultural Injuries/Fatalities and How AgrAbility Helps Prevent Secondary Injuries (Basic)  Joanna Kica, MPA, Research Assistant; Debra Chester, MS, MIFACE Investigator; and Ned Stoller, Assistive Technology Professional, Michigan State University.

MSU’s Occupational and Environmental Medicine (MSU OEM) division tracks Michigan’s agricultural work-related injuries (via hospitals/emergency department medical records) and fatalities.  Individuals sustaining a disabling farm injury are referred to the Michigan AgrAbility program.  Michigan AgrAbility provides direct services to farmers with injuries, illnesses or aging conditions, and researches and develops useful farming tools, equipment and methods that enable farmers to work longer and safer.  This presentation will summarize agricultural work-related injuries and fatalities and demonstrate how Michigan AgrAbility’s engineering/rehabilitation services, research/development and assistive technologies can prevent secondary injury.

10:15 am

Agricultural Emergency Action Plans (Basic)  Jenn Florinki, HSE Technician, Bayer/Monsanto.

This session will cover devising a plan for a potential or actual emergency situations on farms and agricultural businesses.

12:30 pm

Triple Triangle Safety (Basic)  Joseph P. Trevathan, EHS&S Professional, CORTEVA Agriscience.

The Triple Triangle is an honest approach to realistic, practical safety.  In this approach we determine your commitment to safety, methods used to improve that commitment, and how to work safely as a team.

1:45 pm

Responding to Unconventional Emergencies (Intermediate)  Mary Carper, Corporate Safety Manager and Brandon Love, EHS Manager, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.

This course will cover recognizing and preparing for a response to unconventional emergencies at your facility.  What unique hazards does your workplace pose?  We will explore some scenarios where unique hazards may hamper or prevent a local fire department from providing an effective response.  The goal is to motivate the attendee to identify these potential emergency situations in their workplace, coordinate with local emergency responders, and have a plan in place for those times where local emergency responders may not have the people, tools, or resources to provide an effective, timely response.

3:15 pm

Hazmat on the Farm for Emergency Responders and Farm Workers (Intermediate)  Rich Mahaney, Loss Control Services.

Every farm uses many types of solid, liquid and gas hazardous materials for a variety of reasons.  This presentation looks into the different hazards and how these chemicals can harm the workers, emergency responders and the environment.  Types of hazardous materials, container types, placards/labels, reasons for using, emergency preparedness, water runoff and other topics will be discussed, as well as what happens when they are involved with a fire in the barn or in an abandoned barn.

  • Chair:  Rich Mahaney, PEM, Mahaney Loss Control Services
  • Division:  Craig Anderson, Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Mary Carper, CSP, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
  • Deb Chester, Michigan State University


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