Agricultural Safety & Rescue Division Classes

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

9:00 am
An Overview of Food Safety and the FSMA Produce Safety Rule (Basic)  Phil Tocco, On-Farm Food Safety Educator and Heather Borden, Produce Safety Logistics Coordinator, Michigan State University Extension.

This talk will provide a general overview of the food safety landscape, what is law and what is voluntary and how you might fit in the landscape.

10:15 am
From Atmospheres to Ultra Violet Ag Safety is Changing (Intermediate)  Craig Anderson, Manager, Agricultural Labor and Safety Services, Michigan Farm Bureau.

The speaker will review the newer food safety employee risk structures, to include:
-Sanitizers, disinfectants and employee safety
-“Soils and chemical agent interactions
-Proper “OSHA” guards and shields and their impact on food safety
-Recognizing pH adjustments and water quality characteristics
-Controlled atmosphere storage and packaging – process safety
-Nitrogen gas safety, and
-Ultra violet and other radiation treatment processes

11:30 am
Root Cause Analysis In Agricultural Accidents and Injuries (Intermediate)  Chris Eckert, President, Sologic.

This presentation will expose today’s failed strategies for problem solving and share a structured approach for discovery of the causes, both apparent and hidden, that is key for the discovery of effective solutions that permanently eliminate repeat events that can also lead to proactive prevention.

1:45 pm
Anhydrous Ammonia Emergency Preparations and Safe Responses (Basic-Advanced)  Rich Mahaney, PEM, Mahaney Loss Control Services.

Anhydrous Ammonia and its hazards are well known, but we continue to have accidents with this chemical in transportation and use.  Let’s review the chemical hazards, safe practices, and emergency pre-incident planning.  Let’s look at newer ways of performing emergency release control techniques.  Safe handling of this chemical for farmers, ag facility staff and emergency responders.

3:15 pm
Do Agriculture Accidents and Injuries Have Trends? (Basic)  Deb Chester, MS, MSU Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Not all agriculture accidents, injuries and deaths are tracked and investigated by governmental agencies.  Michigan State University does track all of the incidents, injuries and deaths and provides information back to the agricultural industry about what is happening.  Does their investigation show trends that can be used to teach safety programs, adjust regulations and rules, make the work processes safer and help keep the worker accident, injury and fatility safer?

  • Chair:  Rich Mahaney, PEM, Mahaney Loss Control Services
  • Division:  Craig Anderson, Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Mary Carper, CSP, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
  • Deb Chester, Michigan State University
  • Stan Moore, MSU Extension Dairy & Human Resource Educator
  • Cindy Pauley, COSS, COHC, Agrisphere, LLC
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April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
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