A Message from our President

Happy 90th Anniversary MICHIGAN SAFETY CONFERENCE! Ours is a noble profession, though one not usually punctuated with accolades, awards or financial riches. No one will erect a statue to us or perhaps our names will not be remembered. So why do we do it?  For THE RIGHT REASONS. We are the force that bends management will to a beneficial course of action; that encourages and protects the workers. For us the reward is creating a workplace that sends everyone home intact to enjoy the wonderful moments that give our lives meaning.

In line with the growing safety movement which advocated for safe and humane working conditions, the Michigan Safety Conference has played an important role by providing education and support for safety practitioners in Michigan.  The Conference from the onset, aligned itself with 20th century safety organizations such as the National Council of Industrial Safety (NCIS) established in 1913, OSHA, Michigan OSHA in the 1970s as well as the philosophies of notable safety and working condition pioneers such as Alice Hamilton (chief medical examiner for the Illinois State Commission of Occupational Diseases) in the early 1900’s and Frances Perkins, (Secretary of Labor 1933-1945).

It is my distinct honor and pleasure as President of the Michigan Safety Conference to invite you to attend the 90th conference in Grand Rapids Michigan. This conference is designed for the Safety, Health and Environmental professional to celebrate and sustain the crucial work you perform every day for all THE RIGHT REASONS. A reward and acknowledgement for those late nights of research and documentation, for agonizing over the creation of meaningful education and training programs, for the hours of continuing education and yes, the anguish and second guessing after a serious accident.

In its 90th year, the MICHIGAN SAFETY CONFERENCE, an all-volunteer organization of working safety and health professionals, presents over 120 quality educational programs in 14 distinct specialties. Additionally, more than 240 exhibitors will be available offering the latest in instrumentation, devices, demonstrations and training to support your efforts in the workplace. Attendance also offers valuable networking opportunities in an informal setting with professionals from every industry who may be facing similar or “yet to be discovered” challenges. An exchange of ideas, solutions and business cards is an added value of the conference.

Please join me in celebrating 90 years of the MICHIGAN SAFETY CONFERENCE and its ongoing support of safety professionals for all THE RIGHT REASONS!

A.B. Consulting
90th President, Michigan Safety Conference

Future Meeting Dates

April 7-8, 2020, Grand Rapids, MI
April 13-14, 2021, Lansing, MI
April 12-13, 2022, Lansing, MI
April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
April 16-17, 2024, Grand Rapids, MI


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