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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

10:15 am pdf (Slides) (3.16 MB)

DEQ: What the Heck is a Visual Assessment? (Intermediate) Ryan Grant, Industrial Storm Water Program Specialist, Michigan DEQ, Water Resources Division.

Four years ago, the Water Resource Division rolled out the requirements for Visual Assessments in the NPDES Industrial Storm Water permits. All permittees are currently or will be required to perform Quarterly Visual Assessments. Visual Assessments require permittees to collect samples and have them visually analyzed by an Industrial Storm Water Certified Operator to evaluate the effectiveness of storm water management controls and to make sure the discharge meets the conditions of the permit. During this presentation you will learn more about the new storm water permit requirement, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

12:30 pm pdf (Slides) (9.16 MB)

DEQ: Construction Storm Water Program (Intermediate) Cheryl Petroksi-Wilson, Senior Environmental Quality Analyst, Michigan DEQ, Water Resources Division.

This program features a review of the State's Construction Storm Water Program including information related to permit requirements and what a comprehensive site inspection includes.

1:45 pm pdf (Slides) (3.82 MB)

DEQ:  Vapor Intrusion for the Regulatory Community (Intermediate) Joe Rogers, Environmental Specialist, Geologist, Michigan DEQ.

The regulatory climate surrounding the vapor intrusion pathway has evolved rapidly in recent years to keep pace with advances in the understanding the properties of volatile substances. Many volatile substances are now understood to present an indoor air inhalation hazard at concentrations much lower than previously realized when present in soil and/or groundwater under or near occupied buildings. This presentation will provide an introduction to the vapor intrusion pathway, as well as explore toxicological information, conceptual site models, and geology from the regulatory perspective. We will discuss the DEQ’s interim screening levels for proposal for change, and the current status of how OWMRP is handling VI site issues.

3:15 pm pdf (Slides) (4.64 MB)

DEQ:  Vapor Intrusion:  Investigating Sites for the Protection of Public Health (Basic) Joseph Rogers, Environmental Specialist, Geologist, Michigan DEQ; and Lisa Quiggle, Health Educator, Toxicologist, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Vapor intrusion occurs when spilled vapor forming chemicals migrate through the environment and volatilize under buildings and residences. Michigan has a unique situation where many single-family homes are located near industry, dry cleaners and service stations. Before the advent of environmental laws, many releases of hazardous chemicals occurred at these sites throughout the state. This presentation will discuss how these sites are being investigated using appropriate screening levels to evaluate exposures to the general public. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and a Local Health Department will also discuss the use of the Public Health Code to ensure a timely and effective public health response to stop exposures to chemicals entering structures through the vapor intrusion pathway.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

9:00 am  pdf (Handout) (541 KB) pdf (Slides) (1.99 MB)

DEQ:  Waste Characterization and Generator Status (Basic) Jenny Bennett, Environmental Quality Analyst, Michigan DEQ.

Learn the basic steps for determining if a waste is a hazardous waste, liquid industrial by-product, or non-hazardous solid waste and how to calculate your site’s hazardous waste generator status. These concepts are vital to understanding how to properly manage and dispose of waste.

10:15 am  pdf (Handout) (388 KB) pdf (Slides) (5.25 MB)

DEQ:  Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Product Inspections and Recordkeeping (Basic) Mary Ann St. Antoine, Environmental Quality Analyst, Michigan DEQ, Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection/Hazardous Waste.

In this session attendees will learn about what to expect during a hazardous waste and/or liquid industrial by-product inspection. Attendees will hear about the specific records an inspector will want to see (e.g. waste characterizations, monthly waste inventory, uniform manifests, land disposal restriction notifications, etc.). Attendees will also learn what an inspector looks for and what is commonly observed during the facility inspection process.

11:30 am pdf (Handout) (3.43 MB)

Vapor Intrusion Case Study (Intermediate) Cindy Ostrowski, CIH, CAO Consulting, LLC, President.

This case study will present actions taken to evaluate building occupant exposures to environmental contaminants via a vapor intrusion pathway.  It will also discuss how these actions address MDEQ Part 201 requirements.

1:45 pm pdf (Handout) (5.26 MB) pdf (Slides) (5.26 MB)

What to do When an Environmental Incident Happens to You (Basic) Michael Supanich, CHMM, Account Manager, Violia North America.

This presentation will explore how you and your organization should respond to environmental incidents at your facility.  The presenter will review case studies with real-world examples of environmental incidents and discuss the necessary steps to protect yourself, your company and the environment.

3:15 pm pdf (Slides) (1.29 MB)

Understanding the Laboratory Chemical Safety Rules (Intermediate) John McDonald, CHMM, Vice President of Client Relations, Arch Environmental Group, Inc.

Does your facility or operation have a laboratory? Are you current on the chemical safety requirements for laboratories? This presentation will review OSHA and MIOSHA laboratory chemical safety rules as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.1450 and Part 431 of MIOSHA. The presentation will cover an overview of the regulations, summary of the Chemical Hygiene Plan requirements, and suggestions for ways to comply with the Standard.

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