Sandra S. Irion Distinguished Service Award


Each year, the conference gives its' highest award to a conference volunteer for exceptional service to the Michigan Safety Conference.

Sandra S. Irion's name was added to the award in 2008, at which time she retired from the Michigan Safety Conference after 48+ years of service as the conference's only staff person.

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Previous Winners

2017 David Lerner, CSP
2016 Janet Dobryden, ARM, CSRM
2015 Thomas Bradburn
2014 John Gleichman, CSP
2013 Suzy Carter
2012 Marsha Parrott-Boyle
2011 AJ Hale, Jr.
2010 Joe Galusha, CHSP, CIE
2009 David Zurvalec
2008 Jeffrey Woods
2007 Darryl C. Hill, CSP
2006 Richard Mee
2005 Debra DeNapoli
2004 Therese M. Waters, PT
2003 Dennis Kerr
2002 Edward Ratzenberger
2001 Lynn O'Donnell
2000 Garry Felty
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Frank Cleary
1997 Anne Briggs-Cool
1996 Wayne Duncan
1995 Harry McKinley
1994 Jon Sweeney
1993 Larry Brown
1992 S. William Haynes, Jr.